What is the classification of the laminating machine in printing technology?

Stretch film compound extruder, manufacturers and users are used to call part of the laminating machine industry, also known as laminating machine, stretch film machine, wrapping film machine, stretch film extrusion compound machine, coating machine, coating Cloth machine, coating compound machine (inaccurate, actually refers to the hot melt glue knife coating machine), is an extrusion molding machine. With automation, simple operation, high productivity and uniform coating thickness, high adhesion fastness, flat coiling height, level, environmental protection, no pollution to the environment, saving raw materials and labor cost advantages, mature growth in Europe and the United States, domestic Gradually began to be applied in recent years, it is an inevitable trend to replace dry composite and hot melt adhesive coating.

Laminating machine main sub-category

A, classified by extrusion speed:

1、Low speed casting compound extruder

2, medium stretch film compound extruder

3, high speed extrusion flow compound machine

Second, according to the substrate layer classification:

1, single base film machine

2, more than the base material composite laminating machine

3, underworld substrate film machine

Third, according to the type of matrix material:

1, paper composite machine

2, plastic film laminating machine

3, non-woven non-woven/film machine

4, woven fabric composite machine

5, mesh cloth composite machine

6, other substrate film machine

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