Application of laminating machine in woven bag printing

Because of the current fierce competition in the plastic weaving industry, in order to increase the value of non-woven bags, to increase the added value of plastic woven bags, the added value of the BOPP color film composite lamination process is widely used. The market is filled with a large number of colorful film bags. Today, the application of the laminating machine in woven bag printing is discussed.

There is no market, the pursuit of landscaping appearance, but for packaging should be a rational demand. In terms of economic rationality and aesthetic considerations, the laminating machine improves the printing shape and production process of the composite cold heading surface by improving the printing quality of the woven bag film by the absorption ink transfer process and the rubber roll rolling technology, and improves the plastic coating. The uniformity of the fabric composite, not only increases the square bottom bag when welding increases the contact area of the body, improves the welding fastness, and at the same time, for the future, by transferring the composite plastic woven fabric of the printing rubber roller, the approximate degree of color film of the BOPP gravure is obtained. Clear, beautiful and elegant, alternative BOPP color film bags, to save costs for customers, save social resources, laminating machine for the healthy and sustainable development of the plastic weaving industry, prepared for the hardware.

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