How to improve the efficiency of blown film blowing machine

Blown film machine, blown film technology is divided into the following parts:

The first part of the feed heating zone is divided into five areas:

Thunder rod (6 cm in diameter), housing 8, 7 cm, 11 kW motor drive (host). Start with inlet 1, two, and three heating zones.

Then turn it up, belonging to four heating zones, partly called tee, 1 three aspects, 2 net exits, three five zones.

After the heating area is in the discharge zone 5, 3, he is from the plane to the membrane head, which is the most critical part. The accessory is a blower.

The second part is the drawing area, which blows up the air side, with a total height of 3,5 meters, and the joint is a pump.

The third part is the winding area.

The main materials are: high-pressure polyethylene LLDPE mixed material, low pressure is about 80% of the main material, high pressure and tension, the better the effect, the lower the low-pressure polyethylene HPPE, the stiffness of the defect is not too much can cause the film to blow back and forth, blown film The edges are not neat, and even the last can't be blown.

SL-45-600 high speed film blowing machine (rotary die)

SL-45-600 high speed film blowing machine (rotary die)

The next step is to start the blown film process:

First through one, two, three areas, preheating, the lower part, generally about 170 degrees, about a few other areas of about 200 degrees, if the temperature is higher, the material can not be discolored from the past, even burning.

Followed by four districts, namely the teeing ground. The T-shirt is on the 60-160 mesh, the purpose is to prevent impurities from entering the five zones. The mesh net is getting more and more careful, and it can blow thinner and require higher film, including film transparency, smooth hand feeling, tension, etc., but it is too carefully The ground material is prevented, it will not blow out according to the requirements, generally 3 to 5 suitable, thickness.

It is expected that in the five zones, the film head discharge port is a 7 cm diameter round sticker, the temperature of the material is basically stable, the whole heating process is matched to control, the film is too high in stability according to the discharge port, and the burnt color is discolored. Too low will "can't afford to pull the film. The mouth of the film with uneven thickness must be adjusted by the film wire."

Then, after the traction zone, the gas in the air blow hole of the film head, the middle circle film of the gas, when the film is in a straight line, the plastic foaming agent is controlled by how much, and then passes through the film stabilization film. Thickness control by the host and drawing speed, it is understandable, the host speed is fast, the feed speed is fast, the thickness of the film; the opposite of pulling, the faster the pull, the thinner the film, this is one of the most important links.

To blow the film longitudinally and longitudinally, the blow up is a certain ratio of the DDR to be achieved than the BUR and the traction ratio.

The blown film machine will cause the lateral tension to decrease. If the existing die and folding size, the bubble is stable, this is no problem with BUR. If the bubble is unstable, BUR is too large;

DDR = / mold gap (film thickness by BUR)

Solution: Reduce DDR, need to reduce the mold gap, reduce BUR will only make more DDR.

When the blown film is swayed, the unstable state is caused by the film head being too small, and the fixed frame can be used in the film.

Finally, it is wound, the film angle is from the sky, and by the volume of the receiving coil, the speed of the winding machine can be adjusted according to the speed of the film to control. Through the winding, the film becomes the size of the film we need, the thickness of the film roll, and then the system The process of the bag machine.
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