Characteristics of PE bag composite packaging material film blowing machine

Characteristics of blown film machine for PE bag composite packaging material

Mechanical maintainability

Regarding the inner package compounding may be small, the sealing device can be used to detect the sealing function of the bag after a series of simulation experiments (film blowing machine, such as vibration test, drop test, compression test, etc.).


A) Machinability

The tensile strength of the composite packaging material, the supplier of the film and the use of the elongation target are the main, the main measurement of the amount of energy required to tear the tear strength test, the main measurement methods are breeches and Mr. Li The door tearing method, the tear resistance is too large, the film processor may be too small to be at risk during the manufacturing process. For the consumer, the tear resistance of the material and the opening of the packaged dining chair are preferred.

In the friction packaging process, it is often the resistance and resistance, the friction coefficient intrusion, so it must be useful to control, to do this within the appropriate range. Active packaging material coils are generally required to have a small coefficient of friction for comparison and a moderate coefficient of external friction. The material thickness can be on average about the various functional consensus of the target material and also has an important impact.

B) sealing and bonding properties

Heat sealed bags are the last sequence of the entire composite packaging process. Heat-sealed bags require excellent heat-sealing fastness and can be handled and disposed of without leakage after receiving a pocket. Sealing with an accurate selection of heat sealing materials, heat sealing pressure, heat sealing temperature and time, heat sealing method compact has a lot to do.
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